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Vienna, in the heart of Europe is an ideal distribution place to service rental houses and support DoP’s and gaffers across borders.  

The Light Lab

You have something special in mind or a task that requires unique measures? We thrive on new ideas and challenges. In fact, our special solutions and inventions are the key to our success. We believe your unique vision deserves more than a standard solution from the shelf.  

You can rent all our previous build applications or we can help you build what ever you need and we will rent it to you. 

• 3d rigs & kinetic solutions

The lightweight CRLS gives you the possibility the light locations that were not able to be rigged before. Based on your vision and on the location restrictions we are specialized in designing state of the art rigs that will give you the perfect light position with the maximum flexibility for quick and fast changes. From rigs that can place your light in every axis and let you shoot in winds & rains.  Fast, easy and silent. 

• set automatisation

We have specially designed remote heads for the CRLS system. Adjust your light from your tablet, fine tune within seconds before you roll without having a crew member step onto set. Quiet, fast with maximum flexibility. 

• pushing the boundaries of film rigging

tell us where you want to stand - we will safely get you there:

- actors and stunt rigging
- catwalks, platforms, stage´s  for unattainable place´s
- remote control sun covers and movable lighting platforms
- remote control rail systems for lamps and reflectors
-remote heads & control´s  indoor & outdoor for CRLS / reflectorsystem
-mobile rag-rigs for greenscreen or any cloth of your choice
-railsystems for riggs, risers and many more

• xl-support

-powersupply, distribution, location houseelectric control & remote
-hazer,fog an lowfog
-projectionsystems, mediaserver´s
-livesound systems
-stage &  tribune building

• You want it all? Hassle free Grip & Electric package deals, Europe wide

You need mixed package deals? CRLS, standard lighting Equipment, Grip, Dolly, Gennys, Rigs - we can supply any where, any time. 

• the team

It takes a team to make a task work great and to provide you the full star service:

- veteran gaffer and rental specialist Peter Dopplinger
- mastermind logistic and designer Gerhard Gutscher
- international gaffer and CRLS virtuoso Jakob Ballinger
- and the team international experienced lighting, grip and rigging technicians